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How long does my advert run for?

All listings are taken out on an annual basis.

How much do listings cost?

For a full breakdown of listing costs, please click here.

How do I link to Images Ltd

If your advert is in you can either cut and paste the text:

or for the image below and copy into word and then paste onto your website editor ie: dreamweaver or copy the html below

Can I advertise if I don't live in the county?

Of course you can. We cover the UK county by county and you can advertise in which ever site you feel will give you the best return.

Can I advertise in more than 1 county?

You can advertise in as many counties as you wish. We have costing's and payment arrangements for up to five counties,
but if you would like to list in more, that can be arranged. For a full list of county web sites for photographers please click here

How do I contact Images ltd?

Please use the form at the bottom of our addbusiness page for all contact with us. We restrict all communication to email.

Why can't I see my listing?

bulletWe do endeavor to create listings within 24 hours of receipt of payment, but this is not always possible. Please allow five working days before contacting us.
bulletWe will notify you by email that your listing has been created.
bulletIf you have been notified by us that your listing has been created but you still can't see it, please do the following.

Hold down the ctrl and alt keys and then click on the refresh icon of your browser.
If this does not work then please use the form at the bottom of our addbusiness page.

How can I upgrade my listing?

If you have a standard listing but want to add text or an image or take out a more prominent banner ad, this can be done at any time.

bulletDecide how you want to upgrade your listing.
bulletUse the form at the bottom of our addbusiness page to detail your requirements and ask us to send you an invoice.

How do I know when my yearly subscription is up?

We will be in contact with you when the renewal is due and will provide an invoice for payment.

How do I change my listing details?

We allow a 48 hour checking period for new listings where we are prepared to amend / change listings.
After this period, or if you change your details at any time other that for renewal or upgrade, there is a charge per listing.

Can I move my listing up the page?

Our listings are created in the following manner.

bulletIf your address is within the county you will be listed against the town of your address in alphabetical order.
bullet If you address is not in the county you are listing in, for standard listings your ad will be listed at the bottom of the page in a section detailed as "not in county".
bulletBanner ads only will be listed at the top of the page for each category, but not on the home page.

I'm a wedding photographer and a portrait photographer, can I list in both sections?

You can list in all sections if you cover all styles of photography. Each listing in each section will be counted as a separate listing.

My link on my image is broken?

All images are only for viewing your weblink is the website text

Your site is no longer No1 on google?

Our sites have a great search engine presence, MSN, Yahoo and most others have a reliable search however google tends to rotate the higher positions therefore tomorrow could be a different result